Thursday, March 12, 2015

Circumcision by "law"

I'm sure you've seen the case in Florida where the woman is being ordered by the State to have her 4 year-old son circumcised like she had previously agreed to do.

First off, I will say that I support the mother's resistance. I consider circumcision to be genital mutilation- and when medically unnecessary, it is definitely an act of aggression. I consider the State's opinions to be the utterings of an idiot, to be ignored unless a gun is in your face right now, and to be resisted whenever necessary to do the right thing.

But I accidentally got into a Facebook "debate" with a couple of women whose opinions on this matter astounded me.

Here are the basics:

The contract is sacred and must be upheld- no matter what. 
It is better to do this to a baby since he won't  remember it, but since she didn't do it then, she must do it now, and it is her fault the kid is now being traumatized. 
The mom is wrong for informing (and scaring) him of what the dad and State want to do to him. 
The mom is a drama queen for not simply complying. 
It is hyperbole to call this "genital mutilation", and it can't be compared at all to female genital mutilation. 
The "origins" of the procedure matter more than the results.

I see these women as radical statists. Collectivists of the worst kind.

I don't care what contract you have signed. If an act is wrong, enforcing a contract that says you have to do it is wrong.

The baby may not remember the trauma, but it will affect his whole life and his quality of life- one way or the other. And this kid is no longer a baby and his wishes in the matter need to be considered. And, of course he is scared! People want to cut off a part of his body for no real reason other than it is "normal" to do so!

Sure, the dad claims the kid has a medical condition that can be solved by circumcision. You could solve a pimple on a breast with radical mastectomy, too, but that doesn't mean it's the only, or even the best, option. I'd be willing to bet there are less radical ways to fix the problem while leaving the kid intact.

This was one of those times I had a hard time being nice. I wanted to scream at these women for being brutal child abuse enablers.  I consider them pure evil of the sort that empowers the State and tramples liberty. What you do out of ignorance is one thing- what you continue to advocate after being educated is quite another.