Saturday, June 06, 2015

Becoming one with your brokenness

I don't think it's necessarily a good thing.

I know people who get their identity from their damage.

Either they have a medical condition which becomes their identity- even to the point of getting tattoos commemorating it, having it as their "profile pic", and posting endless links about it- or they were the victim of a violation and it becomes their identity in the same way. It is them on some deep level.

I understand that damage can get into your mind, but is it really healthy to obsess over your victimhood or brokenness? And seemingly celebrate it?

Well, I see "patriotism" in the same light. It's like Stockholm Syndrome gone cancerous. Not only identifying with your violator, but letting your violator become your entire world. Tattooing yourself with the violator's symbols and words, flying his banners, being proud of his claim of ownership over your life and body.

It's one thing to accept past damage or current circumstances you can't change. It is quite another to celebrate it and let it become your meaning in life.