Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Add hate for even more misery

A couple of days ago I had to take a trip to The City because my daughter had a doctor appointment.  After the doctor visit my daughter wanted to go to the mall to ride the escalator, the mini-carousel, and play at their play area.  That was fine with me- she doesn't get the chance very often.

Nemesis bitched, complained, and whined endlessly about it- at the risk of ruining Daughter's fun.  Daughter offered to let her wait in the car, which didn't go over well- as you might expect.

And in the midst of this Nemesis added that "of course" I don't mind going, because I just "like everyone"- even "those kind of people".  Whoever they might be- but whom I suspect might include young, attractive, happy, friendly females.  They are Nemesis's kryptonite.  Although, when you pretty much hate everyone it is hard to pin it down.

Funny thing is, I didn't always like people.  It was only after I fully embraced liberty and anarchy that I was able to let people be themselves without being "offended" in some way.  Yet, libertarians are claimed to be the "angry" ones?  Not from what I've experienced in my own life.  Nemesis enjoys hating too much to ever let go of that, even if it kills her.

Too bad- it sure is more fun to like people and get along.