Monday, October 09, 2023

Large scale archation

I don't support archators. Not if those archators are a State, not if they are a political group that acts like a State, not if they are lone archators. All of those archators are bad guys. All of them.

It doesn't matter if those archators call themselves "Hamas", "Israel", or anything else.

If the archation harms the innocent-- on any "side"-- those who committed the acts of archation are the enemy of liberty and humanity (really, that's the same thing).

It doesn't change anything if the acts are in revenge for something someone else did in the past. No harm to the innocent. Period.

If a politician (or other archator) who is individually responsible for ongoing harm is taken out, that's great. That's always an ethical option. But harming people-- who were just going about their lives-- because of something politicians are doing? Unforgivable. Hold the politicians or the individual followers accountable, don't target anyone else.

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