Saturday, July 01, 2017

The weak seeking the Strong

Weak people crave strong "leaders" or Rulers.

I've seen this time after time. People who silently fear they are weak gravitate to those they see as strong. The Big Brother type they believe will protect them from all the things they are scared of-- and it's apparently a long list. They'll probably never admit this cowardice is behind their politics, but it is.

They don't seem to care about the potential for evil from this strong "leader", just as long as their Ruler is strong enough to make them feel protected. They will always imagine the evil, or "strength" as they see it (if they see it), will be directed at the things they fear. I guess they crave having something scary on their side due to their shortcomings.

I wouldn't even care so much if they didn't insist on saddling everyone else with their weakness by insisting you must share their "leader". But they do. That makes them weak, cowardly, and scummy.

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