Friday, June 30, 2023

Are troops pro-liberty?

One thing I’ve never understood is the people who understand and love liberty, hate and distrust government, and yet are fans of the military and “the troops”.

Everything about that seems inconsistent.

Yes, I have known several "anti-government" former military people. But I've known former Blue Line Mafia members who were also anti-government after they stopped being legislation enforcers. Some of them nearly make me look like a copsucker by comparison. Yet, they were on the wrong side all their career and only rejected that side once they were no longer employed by Big Brother. Once the theft-funded paychecks stopped coming.

What evidence is there that "the troops" will side with liberty instead of with government if it comes down to a forced choice? Or, is that not even the issue?

Is there something else that some supposedly pro-liberty people value above liberty? And does the military embody this higher value in their minds?
Thank you!