Friday, August 25, 2023

Scrape it off and burn it with fire!

Some topics just make me feel dirty. And sick. Politics is one.

Yesterday's post for example.

I didn't think it was that political when I wrote it, but after re-reading it, I noticed it makes me feel a little queasy. Anything to do with government or v*ting has that effect-- even though I wasn't suggesting anyone v*te (or don't v*te) for anyone. I was just mentioning something that came to mind, something to do with a politician. Something which could save that politician's life if she read it and listened to me.

So, just realize when I mention a rule (a "law"), a politician, a bureaucracy, or anything political, I am doing it in spite of my own well-being and self-interest, to help someone else.

If it helps you in any way, you're welcome. If not, the wounds will probably heal and the scars won't be too bad.


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