Monday, June 26, 2023

The worst neighbor possible

Government is a really bad neighbor. The worst, really.

It is said that good fences make good neighbors. 

Not so with government. You often are told you must ask its permission to build a fence-- and it will tell you where and what kind of fence you are allowed to build, after you pay for permission. Not only that but government employees will claim to have the “authority” to ignore your fence if they want to come into your property and snoop around. Or rob, kidnap, or molest you.

And snooping is what it does. Government is the ultimate snoopy neighbor. If any other bad neighbor did even one trillionth the snooping government does, you'd rightfully shoot them. 

Government listens to your phone calls, reads your mail, watches everything you do, demands to know all your finances, and everything else about you and what you do. 

Government can't leave you alone. It meddles. It claims to have the "right" to tell you what you are allowed to own.

Government tells you how to landscape your property and how to maintain your landscaping. It tells you where to park your cars on your own property. And it demands a yearly ransom on that property-- one that will never be fully paid since each year brings a new ransom note with new demands.

Seriously, if any mere human neighbor acted like this you'd kill them and be well within your rights to do so. I'd cheer for you.

I have a couple of sort of bad neighbors-- they are no problem at all compared to the best government.

Government believes it is exempt from the consequences of its behavior. Maybe it is. For now.

Thank you!