Saturday, March 20, 2021

I hate when the evil loser survives

If you are an evil loser who murders people, I don't care extra about your victims if you did it because you hated their "race", sex, or religion (or lack thereof). I don't care about them less if you had no insane "reason" behind your aggressive act.

I don't care if you did it because you imagine they slighted you in some way that a rational person wouldn't even think of considering.
I don't care if you did it because of an addiction or any other mental or physical problem.
I don't care if you did it because people-- who were not your victims-- bullied you.

I don't believe in "hate crimes". You did what you did, and that's all that matters. People who are murdered but don't fit into a government-favored category are still just as dead, and their murderer is still equally evil.

The thing I always hope for is that you don't survive your attack, either at your own hand or at the hand of an intended victim or a rescuer.

I would have wanted one of your potential victims to have splattered the walls with your blood and brains. 

No, I don't want the Blue Line Gang to arrest you and cage you; both the gang and your caging financed by stolen money. That just victimizes more people, adding to the number of your victims in a huge way. That some pathetic people imagine that people like you justify taxes, cops, and the state just makes you that much more disgusting.

No sympathy from me.

All the above comes with a necessary caveat: I know the national mainstream "news" business lies, and I know government employees (cops, etc.) lie. Both lie routinely to make an event fit their narrative, so nothing I have heard from any of them about this event is necessarily true. There's your grain of salt.


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