Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Delicate Statists

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How much should you lie to keep from hurting statists' feelings?

Some people believe it's OK to steal if you call it "taxation". They get upset if you point this out.

Some people believe it's OK to initiate force if you call it "law enforcement". They get upset if you point this out.

They want their double standards to remain untouched and unexposed.

These people are, by definition, statists. I would like to talk them out of their beliefs, but in most cases, I don't think it's possible. I am told I will never get them to listen and consider liberty as long as I deal with these types of issues honestly.

It has been mostly women who tell me this recently, but over the years I have been told the same by a few men.

I have been told women are natural socialists, due to a "safety" bias. I sincerely don't want to believe it, but I see a lot of evidence it may be true. Yes, I see a lot of male socialists, but I consider all statism socialist at heart, so I may see male socialists where others don't.

How gentle should any of us be with statists? How much effort should you put into not hurting the feelings of a person who advocates for your murder if you don't quietly sit still while they send people to violate your life, liberty, and property? Do you believe coddling them will change their mind?

If I have to lie and say that taxation and enforcement of laws which violate life, liberty, and property are OK- just another valid life choice- then I am not interested in writing anymore. But, if I can change the words I use to deprogram large numbers of statists, it would be worth it.


"But, the LAW!"

"But, there's a law!"


Bullies calling themselves "government" aren't watching your every move. They'd love for you to believe they are, though.

Mostly, they depend on you intimidating yourself into following their made-up rules out of fear, or because of some weird "obligation" to obey their absurd opinions.

Don't initiate force. Don't violate private property. Obey "laws" if you are currently being watched by a bully who has the ability to harm you for not doing so- if self-preservation is high on your list of priorities. Otherwise, ignore the bullies and their opinions.

And feel free to laugh at them and their fans.