Monday, January 30, 2017

How about some help on Steemit...

I've had a live one on the line over on Steemit.
If anyone would like to help, I'm tired of him-- but he hasn't responded in a bit, so he may be done. You might just want to check out how some statists "think".


Separation of Trump and State

A lot of people are desperate for a separation of Trump and State. That won't solve anything.

The problem isn't Trump and State, or Obama and State, Reagan and State, Stalin, Pol Pot, Lincoln, or even (to expose the hilarity of those who excitedly misinterpret Godwin's Law) Hitler and State. The problem in all the above is the same. The root problem is the State.

Until that is addressed you'll never fix the problem. You'll just keep re-arranging deck chairs while the iceberg laughs at you-- until it kills you.

Are you ready to face it?


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If you promote v*ting...

V*ting is a horrible way to have your life controlled by those neighbors and strangers who want to control it.

There is almost nothing-- NOTHING-- which should ever be subject to a v*te. Certainly not anything concerning anyone's life, liberty, or property. In other words, nothing that is currently affected by elections.

However, as long as you're going to do this, there shouldn't be anyone excluded for any reason. Not when the results can affect their life.

That means, if you are going to have v*tes determine anything, you must at least give everyone who lives on your plantation the opportunity to have a say.

Yes, that means "felons", children, resident foreigners, the terminally stupid... everyone. If there's a chance that "laws" or policies will result that could affect them, then you have no justification to not give them a say. In fact, if the results of an election might result in bombs being dropped on people on the other side of the planet, those people should also have a say in the outcome.

No, it isn't more dangerous to let these people v*te than it is to let those who believe archation through government is OK do the same. I mean, these are the people who currently v*te, and look where that has gotten us.

I say again, v*ting is a horrible idea, and this just shows part of the reason why.


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. 
Any donations or subscriptions are GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.