Thursday, February 10, 2022

Letting the terrorists define "terrorist"

And it's only gotten worse since 2012

It's telling that pro-liberty has become (to the "mainstream", anyway) synonymous with "anti-government". What this tells me is that government (and pro-government) is anti-liberty.

I believe this has always been the case; some believe there can be a pro-liberty political government.

In recent years government has tried hard to paint everyone who opposes its tyranny as a potential, or active, domestic terrorist. This is a lie.

Government is the domestic terrorist cell. It is the terrorism threat-- the biggest one and the only one any of us is likely to encounter. They try to point the finger elsewhere, at things that aren't a fraction of the threat they themselves pose. 

And why wouldn't they? They can get away with it because they define the crime.

Anyone who supports government is an enemy of liberty.

Not all governments employees are equally bad, though.

There's a difference between a librarian at the public [sic] library and the scum that works for BATFEces. Yes, both live on stolen money, but the librarian provides a service the market would otherwise provide while the BATFEces trash doesn't. Eliminate the state and there will probably still be libraries (of some sort) with librarians, but there would be no BATFEces anymore. 

Libraries serve people, BATFEces serves only the political criminals who believe they own you. Librarians aren't domestic terrorists just by existing, BATFEces employees are. That's a monumental difference.


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