Monday, September 30, 2013

Who's more angry?

Are libertarians "angry"?

Some are.  Are they more angry than statists?  Hardly.

Everyone has their own temperament.  Some people are naturally more stressed or relaxed or angry or happy or sad than others.  Everyone has their own personal level of angst (which probably contributes a lot to anger) that probably isn't going to change much with their external circumstances.  It seems people have a "pre-set" for that sort of thing.

I would guess I have about the same level of angst inside me now that I have always had- however, in general I am less angry at the "political world".  Back when I considered myself "conservative" I had a lot more "political anger" and frustration.  Now, I am more able to go with the flow and laugh at the silly antics of "politics".

I don't expect thugs and thieves to act like anything except what they are.  I get mad if I see them victimizing someone (or experience it myself) but I'm not surprised or shocked by their actions.  They are what they are.  That they justify their abuses through politics is irrelevant to me.

I suppose my anger has shifted to new targets.  I am working on that, too.

But, whichever direction I look I see people angry over "politics".  Their ideology doesn't seem to make much of a difference in the amount of anger.  But statists only seem to see the anger of "the other side"- however they define that at the moment- and it just usually means whoever disagrees with them and their plan to "fix" it all through coercion and theft.

I would say the most angry people I see would classify themselves as "liberal" or "conservative", because most people I see, angry or not, label themselves that way- but they apparently see it differently.  Either way, I'm not going to get angry over it.