Thursday, October 13, 2022

What police ARE obligated to do

Police have no obligation to protect you or any specific individual. This is something which courts have repeatedly ruled on. It completely destroys the anti-gun argument: "you don't need to carry a gun; the police are there to protect you". They aren't, and they probably can't and won't.

Copsuckers try to make the claim that a duty to protect the public or the community is the same thing as protecting the individuals who make up the public/community. It's not.

However, police do have an obligation to not prevent you from protecting yourself; to not get in your way. Even if no courts (yet) agree. It simply can not be otherwise, especially in light of what courts (and the police) say is the situation.

If you decide you need to carry a gun in order to protect yourself, a cop is obligated to respect your choice. Ethically, if not "legally"-- and if "the law" says otherwise, it is worse than useless. It is actively harmful.


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