Sunday, September 01, 2013

Magic words and enforcers

I am not one of those who believes you can memorize some magical script to use against cops; an incantation which will banish them back into the shadows of Hell faster than a vampire faced with a cross made of garlic raised on holy water.  But it can be educational to think about things you could say to a cop to show the true nature of "law enforcement".

Imagine being stopped for going faster than the arbitrary "speed limit", or not "stopping sufficiently" at a stop sign, with no harm done to anyone.  Imagine saying to the enforcer:

"Who is the individual you are alleging I have harmed?  And where is this individual, and how has he been harmed?  (wait for ridiculous response)  If you have no answer, yet you insist on continuing this encounter, you are the bad guy.  You have become nothing more than an armed robber."

No, I don't imagine that would have the effect it should.  Still, it cuts right to the heart of the matter.  No victim- no foul.  Where is your accuser?  Is it the cop?  If so, does this mean he is the one you are accused of victimizing?  Is it "The State"?  Then I want to face The State and have him (her?) accuse me in person.  Not through a representative, but one to one.

Magic words don't normally "work", unless by "work" you mean to get you to consider the truth.