Monday, August 14, 2023

The Greatest Evil

Government isn’t just evil, it’s evil beyond anything you can comprehend. Worse than whatever or whoever comes to mind when you try to picture the greatest evil you can imagine. Picturing something evil? Yes, worse than even that.

How could anyone still support it?

Maybe you still believe government is established as a protector of natural human rights. If so it has proved itself utterly incapable of fulfilling that responsibility. It has become the primary violator of human rights. Clinging to the hope that government can somehow protect rights (and has any interest in doing so) is the most Utopian wish possible.

You can have liberty or you can have government; you can't have both since they are mutually exclusive. They don't mix any better than matter and anti-matter.

"But, if only we can root out the corruption."

Government’s not corrupt, since it’s doing exactly what it was designed to do. It's just evil. Those who established government were either delusional or lying if they claimed it would protect your rights. Don't fall for the lie, and see for yourself the reality of how government works.

"But the government is us; we the people".

If so, you are committing wrong. You have the right to govern yourself-- your own individual life-- and not one other person. You can't delegate a right you don't have to someone else. That's not a thing-- it's a superstition.

One thing I find interesting, that I’m seeing a lot, is conservatives trying desperately to hang onto their belief in government. The way they are twisting in the wind, recognizing the evil of political government, while doing their best to not give it up. I'm guessing it's just because they don't want to be associated with the word "anarchist".

That's understandable since government (and its useful tools) have made anarchism out to be something it's not. Nihilistic socialists (self-proclaimed "anarchists" [sic] who are totally in favor of government they control) are doing the same. Have they fallen for the lies?

That or conservatives are just hoping the tide will turn and they'll find themselves in power again, so they can do evil things to those they don't like who have been doing evil things to those of us they don't like. Liberty-destroying things. Similar things to, but mirror images of, the evil things the "other side" has been doing while they have the power.

If you don't want to support evil, you can't be a supporter of political government. If you don't like the word "anarchist", have never heard the word "voluntaryist", think "libertarian" is a political party, or have never considered yourself an "abolitionist", call yourself what you like. Just as long as you don't support, or make excuses for, political government.

Government won't save you. It doesn't protect you. Not from crime, disease, invaders, or Hawaiian wildfires. It's much more likely to forbid you from taking the responsible actions necessary to protect yourself. It gets in your way and endangers your life, liberty, and property.

Separate yourself from government in every way possible. It will be an improvement.


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