Saturday, October 23, 2021

Excuses are easy to find

With all that's been going on, I skipped my daily walk twice in a row. I haven't done that since I started walking for "exercise" a few years ago. I have skipped a day here and there if I was doing something else laborious that day, but never twice in a row-- or even twice in one week.

I wasn't feeling too guilty about skipping the walk, but then I realized it's just an excuse.

I still could have walked, and I should have walked. But excuses are so easy to find... or dream up.

It's the same way with statism.

It's so easy to think of excuses. 

"If people aren't forced to do that good thing, they won't.

"If you don't forbid people to do that bad thing, and threaten punishment if they do it anyway, they will keep doing it."

"It's for their own good."
"We know what's good for them."
"This is too big for people to do without government."
"They won't be responsible unless you make them."

The excuses flow like a flood. Excuses are easy, principles are hard. But they are worth it anyway.


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