Saturday, July 19, 2014

America, the sociopathic

OK, a "country" can't be sociopathic. Not really. Because a "country" only exists in your mind. The society- meaning the aggregate of all the individuals- which prevails in that country can certainly display sociopathic traits. Yes, the below is simplistic, but it should be enough to show you some obvious things you may not have noticed before.

Psychopaths are fearless; sociopaths aren’t. Psychopaths don’t have a sense of right and wrong; sociopaths do. (From here)

Sociopaths experience fear. Like "most Americans"? Of foreigners, terrorists, people who don't go along with the status quo, of guns and knives and drugs and sex and a lack of a master? And then they get together and make up rules based on their fears- their cowardice.

Sociopaths - have a moral code, but it may be screwed up. Such as not following the ZAP, but some inconsistent code instead, and thinking that things they know to be wrong are right if done by government. If that's not a screwed up moral code...

So, yeah, if "America" were a person, that person would be a sociopath. I'd like to change that.

Rattle, rattle...