Monday, November 27, 2023

Does "your" v*te count?

I want to believe... but I don't.

In v*ting, I mean.

I recently saw someone again promoting the idea that you have to v*te to protect your rights from government. They were repeating the idea that "your v*te counts".

I'm not saying v*ting never works, just that the chance of that working when nothing else would work better is pretty small. Government usually does what it wants, no matter how many times it has to have the peasants v*te on it before getting the outcome it wants. Or, it will just ignore the results.

"Your" v*te counts as long as it serves the interests of the regional political power.

Otherwise, it counts about as much as your opinion on the weather. And has the same effect, if you’re lucky.

"Your" v*te is diluted by the v*tes of people who don't like you, are scared of your rights, don't understand what rights are, and believe they have a "right" to ask government to control you on their behalf. The Ignorinati.

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