Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Am I "forcing" anti-gunners to live surrounded by guns?

As a followup to yesterday's observation that anti-gunners are the bullies, what about the frequent claim by anti-gun bigots that the pro-liberty people are bullies for "forcing us to live surrounded by gun violence [sic]"?

Sweetie, it's not the pro-liberty/pro-gun people doing that to you, that's reality

Guns were invented. Legislation can't reverse that historical fact. Bad guys who are willing to break the Law to commit murder, theft, rape, etc. with or without a gun aren't going to be stopped by your "law" banning them from having a gun. Accept it or don't.

The question isn't whether there will be a lot of guns around you, it's what the balance will be. Do you want a society where only the bad guys (freelance and government-employed) have guns and are free to commit violence unchecked? Or can you realize the situation will be less violent when the bad guys understand that good guys have the ability (and the will) to meet force with force? 

Yes, that means more guns "on the streets". That's not a problem if you are able to think logically and rationally. If you are trapped by your bigotry, you will irrationally see it as a problem. 

The only thing that makes a sword, knife, or hammer attack usually less deadly than a mass shooting is the existence of guns in other people's hands. Magically eliminate all guns and that lid comes off. Ban the other tools used by evil losers and as long as evil losers exist-- and they always will-- they will find ways to kill large numbers of people if it's what they want to do, and when they can work unopposed.

So, no. I am not "forcing" you to live surrounded by guns, nor am I to blame in any way for what evil losers do. You will not shame me into being enslaved so you can feel better (until reality crushes your bubble like a carbon-fiber submersible).

Could I maybe get a little attention for my surgery fund? 
Thank you!