Sunday, September 18, 2022

Government waging war against you

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for August 17, 2022)

Have you realized yet that the U.S. federal government is waging a one-sided war against you?

The IRS plans to hire around 87,000 new armed IRS employees-- the exact number is disputed; what they are being hired to do is not. The job posting, before they edited it, said new hires must be willing to use deadly force-- against you. Think about it: they will only be hired if willing to use deadly force against their bosses. They are being hired to "Sheriff of Nottingham" you into destitution. A government which is on your side wouldn't do this.

Then there's the FBI raid on Donald Trump's home. I'm not a Trump supporter, but this politically biased enforcement is not a good sign. The FBI and the DOJ are more politicized than ever-- and they have never been exactly non-political. Now they are being used to target the current regime's political enemies. Probably as a way to keep Trump from running for the presidency again, although this may backfire on them.

If the FBI can raid Trump's house, there's no one safe from their overreach. If you make the wrong enemies, be ready for that early-morning flash-bang.

The legislation mill is also reaching new levels of dishonesty. You can almost guarantee any new bill will do the exact opposite of whatever they name it.

The "Inflation Reduction Act" will not reduce inflation, but will make it worse. An honest name would be the "Inflation Expansion Act".

All the various "safer community" or "safe our children" acts invariably make communities and children much less safe by empowering criminals and disarming good people.

The "PATRIOT ACT" was probably the most dishonest example in history. It was, and is, the most anti-American legislative tyranny ever foisted on us. No patriot would have supported this rejection of everything America stood for.

If a bill can't be named honestly, it needs to be scrapped. No matter how "essential" its supporters claim it is. Either give it an honest name or put it in the shredder.

I wonder if the federal government is trying to incite rebellion so it has an excuse to crack down even harder on the population. Open rebellion would give justification for nationwide martial law and all the Soviet-style governing which goes with it.

I won't be baited. I've never trusted them. I can't be shocked or disappointed by anything they do.

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Back when I was a single-issue v*ter

If I were to fall back into the vice of v*ting, I would probably be a single-issue v*ter again.

Back when I was naive and gullible I v*ted based only on the issue of the fundamental human right to own and to carry weapons. I believe the freedom to exercise other rights depends on that one not being violated. 

I agree with L. Neil Smith that this issue, like no other, is an X-Ray into the "soul" of a politician. 

The problem I noticed was that the politicians who said the right things did the wrong things as soon as they got into office. That's when I realized the "pro-gun politician" is as elusive as Sasquatch (and twice as smelly).

Usually, the "pro-gun politician" also supported things I opposed (police, borders, prohibition, marriage legislation, etc.) and I had just held my nose and accepted that this was the price of getting what I wanted on the issue of guns. Then I lost anyway.

The choice is between an anti-gun bigot who's open about it and an anti-gun bigot who lies about it and would impose other anti-liberty legislation if he gets the power he wants. This applies even to those politicians you think it doesn't apply to.

All my v*tes were a waste of time and effort. They gave false hope (when the politician I v*ted for won). It did nothing useful. I won't be fooled again.

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