Sunday, September 18, 2022

Back when I was a single-issue v*ter

If I were to fall back into the vice of v*ting, I would probably be a single-issue v*ter again.

Back when I was naive and gullible I v*ted based only on the issue of the fundamental human right to own and to carry weapons. I believe the freedom to exercise other rights depends on that one not being violated. 

I agree with L. Neil Smith that this issue, like no other, is an X-Ray into the "soul" of a politician. 

The problem I noticed was that the politicians who said the right things did the wrong things as soon as they got into office. That's when I realized the "pro-gun politician" is as elusive as Sasquatch (and twice as smelly).

Usually, the "pro-gun politician" also supported things I opposed (police, borders, prohibition, marriage legislation, etc.) and I had just held my nose and accepted that this was the price of getting what I wanted on the issue of guns. Then I lost anyway.

The choice is between an anti-gun bigot who's open about it and an anti-gun bigot who lies about it and would impose other anti-liberty legislation if he gets the power he wants. This applies even to those politicians you think it doesn't apply to.

All my v*tes were a waste of time and effort. They gave false hope (when the politician I v*ted for won). It did nothing useful. I won't be fooled again.

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