Wednesday, July 26, 2023

My unforgivable Twitter Crime revealed

The above tweet, which got me "permanently suspended" (banned from Twitter forever), was in response to the video of climate protesters blocking an ambulance from taking a baby to the hospital.

Others in that same thread were saying the protesters needed to be dragged from the street and have other violence perpetrated on them. The guy I responded to said they needed therapy, not violence directed against them.

I don't disagree that they need therapy-- once you've taken care of the immediate threat they pose.

Apparently, that is an unforgivable crime on Twitter. There must have been dozens of perma-bans resulting from that thread, if the twits were consistent.

My case was "reviewed" and I was told in clear terms I am banned forever, and any new accounts I try to make will be immediately suspended as well. I am just too toxic for Twitter. My views on this blog have dropped to 2/3 of what they normally were before the ban. Maybe you could share my posts and help make up the difference if you think it matters.

I stand by what I said. It was true, ethical, and I'm NOT going to lie to stay safe. 

It's a terrible world if the twits don't understand the difference between violence (ethically neutral) and aggression (ethically wrong) and will punish you for the former. Defense of life, liberty, and property is going to be discouraged by those with power in any way possible. To what end?

Yes, Twitter, I do think you got it wrong. Or worse. I would be ashamed to be you, siding with the protesters in this case, and against people actually trying to help others. You've picked your side and shown us exactly where you stand. It doesn't look good.

It makes me wonder, how long until I'm banned from blogging here and at my backup? Banned from PayPal and other sites I rely on for money to survive-- including my bank? Just because I hold opinions my "masters" don't like-- and express them in public.

I kinda hate this sick "society" right now.
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