Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blog issues?

Is anyone having trouble accessing this blog? For the past week or so, about half the time when I try to visit the site I get a "this site can not be reached" page instead.


Upsetting the spoiled brats

Wanna hear a really dumb opinion? Sure you do. Maybe that's even why you visit here. But this opinion isn't mine-- I copied it from another blog's comment section. It's as dumb as the opinion that "taxation isn't theft!", which I encountered moments ago somewhere else.

"the Left created libertarians in order to siphon votes away from the Right"

I suppose this guy believes the Right-Statists are entitled to the v*tes of people who don't support them. As if you and I somehow owe them.

The "mainstream" DemoCRAPublicans' support for anti-gun "laws" of various kinds had already-- before I even learned what a libertarian was in 2001-- convinced me to stop v*ting for the anti-liberty clowns of the "Right" or the "Left". Any of them. I don't owe them my support; they worked so hard to earn my contempt.

The broken promises and empty words of the Republicans with regard to gun rights, forgotten as soon as they got political power, had lost them my support, and the Democrats never had it to begin with, even though I was (and am) an environmentalist.

Why would I support someone who would only stab me in the figurative back as soon as they got into office? And they did-- time after time.

The "Left" didn't create libertarians. Neither did the "Right". Humans are born libertarian and it takes brainwashing and lies to turn us into statists-- "Right" or "Left". Those who don't like the consequences of their lies and their villainy might complain that you aren't supporting "their side", but it's a filthy lie that you owe it to them.
You know what they can do with their malignant sense of entitlement.
The spoiled brats.

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