Saturday, February 13, 2021

Be well-rounded

I do my best to not be one-dimensional. That's because being around one-dimensional people bores me and makes me look for an escape. I don't want to have that effect on anyone.

I want to be more well-rounded than that. I'll talk to anyone about almost anything, and I don't try to shift the conversation back to something I like talking about.

Not usually...

Now, if someone is singing the praises of the Blue Line Gang I will probably say I don't support aggressive criminal gangs, but if I can simply not respond at all to a throw-away comment praising them, I may take that path. I certainly won't encourage them to stay on that topic and may try to nudge them back to something less crazy that they'll like talking about. This works with some of my family members and has worked with people around town who want to tell me what's on their mind.

Unless someone specifically asks, I won't usually talk about liberty. I wouldn't want to be around someone who can't talk about anything but liberty, either.

I hope you get a little more variety than that even from this blog which focuses on liberty. And in person, I can discuss an even wider variety of topics, and if I don't know anything about it at all (which happens), I'll let someone educate me. I've learned a lot about things I never knew anything about this way. More knowledge is a good thing, and has served me well on occasion.

Sometimes, I feel I'm cheating the other person; getting something without giving them anything in return, but then I remember that sometimes, all a person wants is to be heard.  I can do that.


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