Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Don't misidentify things

Once, in a high school zoology class, the teacher set out a bunch of preserved samples for us to classify. It was for a quiz or a test. We were to study them, and then be able to identify them on a test the next day.

I noticed that a flounder was mislabeled as a "skate" or "ray"- a completely different type of fish.

I pointed this out to the teacher.

He said that since he only had that one specimen as an (incorrect) example of "Chondrichthyes" I needed to pretend that's what it was for the test.

I told him he was teaching the students something that was wrong- misleading them. Giving them bad information. He insisted that it didn't matter, and I needed to just go along.

I refused. I kept saying "but it isn't what the label says it is!"

He had a bit of an outburst and said I was beating a dead horse.

I dropped the matter, but didn't ignore the lie.

I don't remember the outcome, other than I refused to call it something it wasn't just to satisfy him. Did he mark my answer as "wrong"? Or, did he give me credit for the unwanted right answer?

I'm still the same way. I won't misidentify something just to make a liar more comfortable. And they still don't like it.


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