Thursday, July 28, 2022

Rolling out the welcome mat

I saw a video from Austria where a news report from Germany was being read. It said that a German supermarket chain was announcing that it was advising its employees that if things get bad there, and there is looting and stealing, to do nothing. Nothing. Just stand aside and let it happen.

If the report is true-- and I have no insider information that it is-- isn't this just inviting bad people to go rob and loot those stores? Doesn't this place the employees and customers at greater risk? People who will loot and rob are going to be less likely to have any ethical compass-- will they draw the line at robbing and looting? Can you be sure?

I understand that a company might not want to suggest to its employees that they should fight back. Liability and all. But to tell them to just stand by and do nothing? It seems like that is just opening them up for a dangerous situation when looters and thieves hear they've been given permission.

I'd have to quit that job or shop elsewhere.


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