Friday, August 28, 2015

Alison Parker's legacy- Mass murder enabling?

I understand why Alison Parker's dad and fiancee are grieving. I would be too. And, I understand that grief makes people say and do incredibly stupid things. Politicians do it automatically, due to their lust for power and control (and their overwhelming cowardice), but real people fall into the same trap easily. Especially when under the power of unbearable grief. I expect to see stupid things come from the mouths of the grief-stricken.

Such as insisting that the government make sure more people can be murdered on the altar of anti-gun "laws".

This is the foolish path enthusiastically being taken by her grieving loved ones, and it is a horrible legacy to leave her memory. A stain upon her. It is using her grave as a toilet and a spittoon. Anyone not telling her dad and fiancee this painful truth is being "nice", but doing them a disservice.

You will never be able to prevent angry, violent people from carrying out their angry violence. You can make murder illegal, they will still murder. Same goes for rape, kidnapping, theft, and what have you.

There is no way to keep guns out of "the wrong hands" that doesn't affect vastly more "right hands"- making them lambs for the slaughter at the hand of any predator who gets the urge.

You can outlaw guns and make possession of guns or ammunition a capital offense (adding to the violence in the process), and people intent on murdering will do it anyway. With or without a gun.

Do you really want to ban and confiscate all the (non-government) guns out there? Are you willing to have that many people die for your cause? You do realize a gun ban would be enforced at the point of many guns, right?

Guns are easy to build. In order to get rid of them, you'd need to round up and kill everyone with knowledge of metallurgy, shop tools, chemistry, physics, etc. And that's just for guns as they exist. To prevent future designs you'd also have to round up and kill everyone with knowledge of electronics and whatever else might be adapted to use in a yet to be invented force-at-a-distance weapon.

You'd have to make sure no cop or soldier ever loaned out, or stole and sold, any gun he had access to. You'd have to make it impossible for one of those government guns to be stolen by anyone, ever. I don't believe that's possible, but maybe you do.

If you support "gun control", you are supporting death and aggression at a scale currently unimaginable.

I can understand why grieving people might do so, but it doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it smart, reasonable, or sensible. It doesn't make their cause "compassionate" or "caring". Their cause is still incredibly evil. And foolish. And stupid.

If you care about the tragic death of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, don't make large scale death and tyranny their legacy. Instead make sure to speak out about any and all rules which demand people be unarmed targets, ripe for the slaughter. Any such rule is asking you to die for a feeling.

And remind people of the critical importance of always being aware of your surroundings, no matter what you are doing, how safe you feel, or how paranoid you believe paying attention to be. It is a matter of life or death.