Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Refusing to vote is vote for liberty

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 8, 2016)

In last week’s column valid alternatives were offered to those hesitant to waste a vote by endorsing an evil-- lesser or not. For some reason almost everyone focused on the point that it isn't smart to keep playing a game you know is rigged.

Overwhelmingly, the people demand their right to keep losing to known cheaters.

They apparently see voting as essential to liberty rather than recognizing it as a tool to empower the opposite.

Fair enough.

I won't demand you not vote; I'm saying if you vote, please don't stop there. Learn, think, and reason-- no matter where it leads. I hope you do this because I believe the more you know, the more you'll practice rightful liberty and the more you'll ignore politicians and their arbitrary opinions called "laws".

You don't need a professional bully class to control you and your neighbors, and I hope for the day you realize it. The truth will set you free.

Many people view the refusal to vote as "doing nothing", when nothing could be further from the truth. Back when most doctors believed bloodletting was an effective treatment, those who declined the disastrous procedure weren't doing nothing, they were refusing to make matters worse. It's an important distinction. Don't make matters worse by doing the wrong thing.

The refusal to sanction a politician, or an office for a politician to hold, is voting for liberty and independence in the most effective way. It is the individual withdrawal of consent.

If you are happy with how things are, vote and go home. Be content in the knowledge that you have helped ensure no real change can threaten your familiar world. If something unexpected crops up you can believe it wasn't your fault. You did your part to prop up the status quo.

If, however, you want things to change and bring a chance for a better life, there are plenty of options. Before, after, or instead of voting, get out there and tell people what you stand for, and what changes you want to bring to the world. Explain why the status quo is not good enough. Then show everyone you mean it by acting on it. Live as though the world were already as you advocate-- but be smart. There are those who will use laws to punish you for daring to threaten the status quo and the cozy police state they've built around you. And they vote.

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Taking government seriously. Seriously?

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Really, people. How can you take government seriously?

You have the clowns campaigning for president. An unhealthy old harpy, and an orange blowhard. Both statist to the rotten core.

Then, just look at your state and local politivermin. They are no better, and if you believe they are, it's a sign you are delusional.

Some around here are having an adolescent cat fight. I've seen two year-olds act more mature. Yet, somehow, people look to these morons for guidance, and believe their opinions have weight.

I absolutely don't get it.

Yes, I realize they are making up "laws" that their hired guns are perfectly willing to murder you over, and they steal your money and violate your property rights in myriad other ways, too. This means they are a mortal threat to your life, liberty, and property. So are other bad guys- they aren't special.

They fear you being armed, and so they do all they can to make sure you give up your weapons. The only reason anyone wants you unarmed is so they can do things to you (or your loved ones) which you wouldn't ever allow if you were able to resist. And you CAN resist if you have effective weaponry. Even if it only costs one bully his life before you are killed by his gang, it still cost that one. One less bully in the world, and probably at least one person will decide to pursue honest work rather than join the gang.

But you can also resist in other ways. As long as a government employee isn't looking directly at what you are doing right this minute, why comply? Nibble away at their power, and laugh away the respect your silly family, friends, and neighbors give them. They don't deserve it. They haven't earned it. Quite the opposite. They are ridiculous.

Treat them like the absurd fools they are. It's what they richly deserve, and have worked to earn.

And never forget: Government is nothing more or less than a club for drama queens who like to try to run other people's lives while spending stolen money.

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