Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Looking at cops realistically

I am not by any measure a cop lover.

I don't want them around, I resent being forced at gunpoint to pay for their "services", I think they cause crime (even when they aren't the ones committing it), and I certainly don't need them.

There can be no such thing as a good cop, because cops live off theft ("taxes") and they enforce counterfeit "laws" which are harmful to individual liberty and property rights. If they didn't do those things, they wouldn't be cops- once they do those things they can't be good... even if they are "nice".

So, no, I am not a fan of cops. Or any other gang members for that matter.

However, there have been times I defended individual cops who were being punished for things I don't believe anyone should be punished for. (Disclosure- I am not a fan of punishment anyway, since I see it as revenge and unrelated to justice.)

That's because, even if I tend to think cops should be held to a higher standard than people who aren't allowed to steal, molest, and murder- if it's not wrong for me or my neighbor to do something, it's not wrong for a cop to do it.

The flip side is, if it is OK for a cop to do it (wear his gun into the post office, for example), it is OK for you to do it.

No double standards.