Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why "they" can't win

Even if "they" manage to criminalize every liberty, and ban and confiscate every gun in the right hands (yours and mine, not "theirs"), "they" still haven't won.

Because at that point I am perfectly willing to kill a government employee to take his guns and fight for my life, liberty, and property. Maybe not at that precise moment, but it will then become a legitimate path for each and every person to take. Not just on a whim- there may still be better and smarter ways to act at that moment- but if I find myself backed into a corner, and see no better option... yes, I'm willing.

I will also support anyone else doing the same- even if it's before I am forced to act.

And I know there is nothing "wrong" with doing that even now, although it is usually a foolish, suicidal choice.

As long as some of us accept this terrible responsibility, "they" can not win. Not ever. And don't kid yourself- it IS a responsibility. You can accept it, or you can deny it, fear it, and try to hide from it, but you can't change it.