Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A word from the author (UPDATED)

Posting may be sporadic until or unless I can come up with the money to get the internet turned back on. Just a heads up.
I'll try to schedule posts if I can get to a hotspot.

I'm back. For now. Things aren't going well, financially. That's not news. Donations and subscriptions are down to about half what they were just a few years ago. Either the economy is tanking, or my value is declining. It is what it is, and I'll keep looking for new sources of income-- so far, nothing has clicked.

Again, I'll beg: if you use Medium, PLEASE "clap" for my posts there. Just a few claps gets me enough money to help me out-- and each post can be clapped for, by each individual, 50 times. But no one claps. I got 2 cents from Medium last month. Yes, the site is wildly leftist. If my posts there would get a little notice, maybe that could shift a little. If not, at least it would help me out monetarily