Monday, September 05, 2022

Staying aware of the predators among us

There's nothing I'd love more than being able to safely ignore politicians-- and politics in general. I hate them both.

But... I understand the value of situational awareness. You've got to know when some predator is stalking you or waiting in the shadows to jump out and attack you. And that's precisely what politicians-- predators wielding the weapon of politics-- are doing. If you don't pay some attention to their movements you'll be caught off-guard. They'll get the drop on you.

When they are saying they are going to come after you, isn't it good to know ahead of time? Isn't this part of your situational awareness?

That this is necessary kind of makes me angry.

I get it-- it's just part of the environment. Politics is like weather. Except that no one decides to create a tornado to send after you; individuals do decide to use politics to destroy you. It's not necessary for them to do so. Society doesn't depend on it. They choose to do it to you. Nothing, and no one, is more evil. No part of it is good and it isn't done for "the right reasons". Even if, on occasion, it temporarily benefits you in some way. In the long run, the cost will always be too high.

Even though it costs some to stay alert to the predators, I think it would cost me more to be too complacent. This fact makes me dislike them even more. I want them out of my life entirely, but it isn't safe to ignore them.

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