Saturday, December 10, 2022

News flash: Democrats and Classical Liberals are Republicans

A "classical liberal" wanted to "prove" I am a Republican by getting me to admit I want the state to enforce my personal opinions. This was in response to something I posted in defense of a classical liberal's post. 

I was responding to someone else saying he can't support libertarians in response to something another classical liberal posted. I pointed out that classical liberals aren't libertarians and that even so, the classical liberal was kinda right.

This attracted a different classical liberal.

He said that classical liberals would call me a Republican. When I said they would be wrong he said anyone who believes the state should enforce their opinion is a Republican. Seriously. He said that. Here's the exact quote: "Should the state enforce your personal opinion? If yes, you are a Republican." 

By his daft-inition, Democrats are Republicans, as are Socialists/Nazis/Communists and every other group that uses politics. Everyone is a Republican-- including classical liberals who advocate for a "night watchman state" (which is kind of their defining characteristic, is it not?).

Yet I didn't call for government to enforce my opinion (if any) on anyone. It wasn't even part of the conversation, he just hallucinated what he wanted to see.

It's a messed up world where you can mix in some politics and lower the IQ of the room. Just another example showing that politics makes people stupid.

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