Monday, February 06, 2017

Protectionism- For those who believe the world is too easy

The same kind of economic thinking errors that make people support corporate "taxes" (believing the corporations could pay them without figuring the expense into the costs of doing business) and make them believe renters pay no property "taxes" (because landlords just kind-heartedly eat that expense, I suppose) are probably happening in those who believe protectionism will help America's economy.

Now, I'll admit it will probably boost the free market economy (The Black Market), but it is always disastrous to the above-ground economy and those who depend on it. Yet, many of the people who will be hurt the most blindly support it every time some economically illiterate (or crooked and pandering) puppetician proposes it.

It's a major derpity-do moment. "Hey, I know- let's all drink bleach! That will really teach those people who sell us Kool-Aid a lesson!"

Again, I doubt the protectionism enthusiasts will learn anything when it comes back to bite them. They'll find someone else to blame and never notice their own stupidity.

Probably even dumber than this.


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