Saturday, May 04, 2019

Statists need glasses

Statism is a severe form of nearsightedness. Statists can see a little way, but not far enough. They only see as far as they can see and still be able to find a way to justify statism. If seeing even one foot farther would invalidate statism, it's like there's a brick wall blocking them from seeing another inch.

They can see how bad "laws" can be in some circumstances, and still believe in the concept of "laws".

They might agree that a total gun ban and confiscation would be bad but still manage to advocate for "common sense" [sic] anti-gun "laws" which lead to the same place.

They may recognize the wake of death and destruction left by prohibition, yet balk at getting government out of the illegitimate business of regulating drugs.

They may think "taxes" are too high, but still refuse to recognize that "taxation" IS theft.

They may admit the disaster created by every government so far, and yet keep believing if they can just get government right it will be OK.

They can see the tip of their nose, but not the zombie standing right in front of them, ready to eat whatever is left of their brain.

I wish there were some form of vision correction they'd be willing to try. Although, there have been some successes over the years.


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