Monday, July 04, 2016

In-duh-pendence Day

"How can we turn a specifically anti-State holiday into a grovelling celebration of the State and a worship service for its bullies, goons, thugs, and tools?"

"The Fourth of July", once known as "Independence Day", depresses me. It has for years now.

I'm not a huge fan of fireworks- I'd prefer actual gunshots and such; noise with a purpose.

I don't enjoy setting off my own fireworks, and wouldn't do it at all if it weren't for my 8 year-old daughter wanting them.

And I really dislike driving in horrible traffic, and sitting in red, white, and blue crowds to watch a government-sponsored fireworks display, complete with patriotic statist war marches. Ugh!!

I am depressed that almost everyone has turned the day into a celebration of government "allowing" them to have (a teeny tiny bit of) "freedom", and worshiping the military. While proudly obeying the "laws" against "open containers", smoking pot, open carry, and whatever else the bullies dream up "laws" about, of course. While law enforcement thugs swagger through the crowd looking to cause trouble. It's sickening, really.

I'd be thrilled to see some displays of independence instead of fireworks. People breaking counterfeit "laws" and defending themselves from bullies with badges trying to commit acts of enforcement against them. That would give me a bigger boost than any fireworks display ever conceived.

Yes, I know I can focus on what I want the day to be about. But be careful of celebrating actual independence too openly; it could get you kidnapped or murdered by enforcers in Police State USA.

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