Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Did I once trust government?

The other day I asked who was ever dumb enough to trust government. But, to be honest, I'm sure at some point I must have trusted it. At least a little. I just can't remember that time.

What I do remember is each time what little trust I had crumbled a bit more. For it to crumble, it must have existed. Right? 

I even remember once wondering to myself whether government might be right and guns should be controlled! I think the thought might have lingered for up to 5 minutes in my young adult mind before rationality snuffed it out. Fits of insanity are probably common, but shouldn't be the foundation for a worldview. (Hoggbreath ought to pay attention, but he won't.)

My earliest memories of realizing that government existed were "That doesn't seem right". This conviction has only grown stronger the longer I live.

Maybe an instinct for liberty is inherent in some people and an instinct for slavery... I mean "safety and security"... is inherent in others. If so, I know which one I was born with, and I can't really wrap my brain around the other one.

If I ever had any trust in government, it is long gone. Swept away by the tides of reality.

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