Saturday, April 18, 2020

Viral thuggery

There's a phrase I've seen making the rounds recently: "No one has the right to infect others."

Sounds good on the surface.


What does that even mean?

Beyond justifying coronapocalypse tyranny, that is.

For you to not have the right to do something means you are violating the rights of someone else if you do it. The above assertion doesn't distinguish between knowing you are doing it or not. It leaves no room for biological reality and "stuff happens". Nope. If you transmit a pathogen of any sort you have violated someone's rights. Nonsense.

This is almost like saying you have no right to breathe out carbon dioxide-- like certain segments of the population would claim.

If you KNOW you are contagious, you need to try your best to not infect other people. Don't grab someone by the ears and cough in their face. Don't sneeze on them or throw snotty rags at them. Don't spit in their food. Stay away from others as much as you reasonably can, take precautions, and be mindful of what you're doing at all times (something everyone should be doing regardless). Maybe even warn people to stay back if you believe that will help.

But to claim you are violating someone's rights simply by going about your business in a generally responsible way?

No one has a right to use force against you if they are just worried you might be infectious. Or, just because you aren't obeying the ignorant orders of known liars and power-hungry monsters.

And it seems that's what most of those who say you have no right to infect others are actually advocating. Not responsibility from you, but irresponsibility from others.

In making this claim they are supporting mandatory lock-downs, mandatory vaccinations, business closures, and antisocial nannying. They would use the force of the State against those who aren't following the edicts of the State, regardless of whether they are obviously sick or not, for a disease which seems to be much less deadly than government would like us to fear.

Plus, if someone doesn't want to get infected, they are free to sequester themselves in isolation from all humans. That's how to avoid being infected without violating the rights of anyone else. I'll even do what I can to help deliver supplies to anyone in my sphere who takes this approach (as I'm already doing) if they want. How they deal with what I deliver, such as disinfecting what I bring, is up to them at that point.

Please, don't act like the statists by cowering in fear that someone, somewhere, might have a virus you don't want, and that they are violating you by not pre-emptively dying in a deep hole for your convenience and safetyness.


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