Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Newest new project

Just for fun, I've started posting my Quora answers over on Patreon. I answer questions on Quora mainly to poke statists. I certainly don't try to convince any of them of anything there. I'm not always 100% serious-- especially if I think the question is dishonest (as so many seem to be).

I had given up on Patreon a while back. Subscribers kept leaving-- especially after the Covid shutdowns crippled the finances of so many-- and it became more trouble than it was worth to post there. But 2 stubborn supporters stuck around through the down time, so I feel I owe them something. This is... something. Maybe something sort of fun.

Yes, I am doing this with the hope of getting some more paid supporters. If it works I'll continue. If not, we'll see what happens.


Thank you for helping support KentForLiberty.com

Societal cancer

Society is an expression of human nature, on a large enough scale to spontaneously self-organize. 

Just like in any self-organization event, there can be localized glitches. Problems-- cancers-- can arise inside that self-organization to threaten its continuation. Cancers, in the case of society, like government-- including police. 

The solution is to cut those tumors out to make society healthier, not to pretend they are the valuable thing in the society. Never imagine those cancers are what make society; confusing the disease for the organism.

Don't be a cancer worshiper.


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