Saturday, October 06, 2018

If guns were banned

If you managed to ban guns, you haven't made any good people safer. You've only made lesser weapons in the hands of evil losers deadlier. Since anything is a weapon when used as a weapon, you can't get rid of weapons without removing everyone's brain.

Against a good guy with a gun, a 2x4 isn't terribly dangerous. Take away the good guy's gun, and unless he has something at least equal to the 2x4, and the will and skill to wield it, he's in serious trouble.

Remember too that evil losers have often trained their whole lives to aggress against others; most good people don't have that much commitment to learning to be defensively violent.

And that's assuming you were able to get the guns away from the evil losers, which is a fantasy. So the actual situation would be much worse: evil losers with guns against unarmed, or insufficiently armed, good guys. And anti-gun bigots are OK with that. They are your enemy.

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