Monday, February 08, 2021

The Cult of Covid

It appears that Covid-19 has actually spawned a cult. I'll be nice and not adopt the obvious label "Covidiots" for its members. 

I'll go with "Branch Covidians", instead. It's funnier and it's completely accurate. 

Covidianism appears to be a branch of Statism, but maybe it's distinct and there's only some incidental overlap in the middle. Maybe, but probably not. The correlation seems too high to be coincidental.

Branch Covidians have their own religious canon-- handed down from the politicized Experts, put into action by the political Rulers, and preached by the priests of the Mainstream Media. It has sacred garments (face masks) and rituals (anti-social distancing). Sacrifices are required; both human sacrifice (people killed by shutdowns) and "covenants of flesh" (vaccinations), and tithes (economic ruin through shutdowns and stimulus money). And most of it is divorced from reality-- including science-- in a big way.

In spite of the craziness, the Branch Covidians have gone mainstream-- pushing their religion from the media and government buildings-- and it's bizarre.

My eyes hurt from rolling so much at what Branch Covidians believe and worry about. I can't be one of them. It appears I'm an atheist concerning that religion, too.

As with any religion, I have no problem with anyone practicing it until they start imagining that the rules they make up and apply to themselves as believers in that religion apply to the non-believers as well. Then I'm going to resist.


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