Monday, July 30, 2018

The most fundamental of flaws

I saw a quote that illustrates something. Something dishonest.

"People who resolve to undermine a nation’s sovereignty by breaking its most fundamental of laws are willing to do virtually anything else to fulfill their desires."

He's speaking-- I say with a sigh and an eye roll-- of "immigrants".

He has a few silly notions which lead him to fatally flawed conclusions.

First, nations can't have sovereignty, only individuals can. It's like pretending governments and nations can have rights, ignoring the fact that rights are only individual. Well, so is sovereignty. Sorry, government supremacists.

Second, what makes him believe anti-migration "laws" are the nation's "most fundamental of laws"? They aren't even constitutional-- if you give any weight to that. They are non-laws, not "fundamental" laws. I tried to find some way to believe he was speaking of other "laws", but he's not. He's speaking of illegal, unconstitutional, unAmerican, unethical, and counterfeit "laws" regulating "immigration" as America's "most fundamental of laws". Where do borderists come up with this stuff?

He goes on, in a part I didn't quote above, to call this "our country", which is right in a way, but not in the way he wishes. It's "ours" as far as we live here, but it's not "ours" in a way which gives us any "authority" to control other people's equal and identical rights. Your property rights end at your property line, and not at the government's political "borders", trampling and crushing all private property in the process. Believing otherwise is just communism wrapped in Holy Pole Quilt, which is all borderism is anyway.

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