Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Safe spaces"

In thinking about my post about judgmental people, I also consider the notion of "safe spaces".

I will say I find the concept ridiculous, crippling, and childish.

No one offers anarchists a "safe space" away from depictions of The State, or even away from actually being physically and financially violated by statists and their harmful and unnecessary "laws".

Even in groups which ought to know better- and I particularly think of the Browncoat Facebook group- you'll find people saying "there has to be laws/government otherwise companies would poison me with mercury in my orange juice". Yes, someone really said that! That's a statist fallacy which "triggers" me. Where can I go to feel safe from such violent advocacy? Nowhere.

And I accept that.

It isn't "society's" responsibility to coddle my delicate feelings, making me soft and helpless.

If you can't deal with the real world, and accept that there will always be bad things out there to "trigger" you, you are not suited for survival. Not even if "compassionate" people want to wrap you in bubblewrap and place you in Nerf world. If you don't learn how to deal with reality, and with bad people and uncomfortable situations, your life will always suck.

People sometimes rape. Not because of a "culture" (unless you count the degraded culture of gangs), but because of an individual making the decision to violate the Zero Aggression Principle.

Cops are evil. The fact that you knew a "nice" one, or were saved by one once upon a time changes nothing.

Politicians are harmful to the world, and are- without exception- thieves and aggressors. Even if some are less bad than others.

Those things are reality. They may hurt your feelings and make you feel "unsafe", but that doesn't make reality go away.

So, don't look for a "safe space" and whine when reality seeps in. Take control of your surroundings and your own reaction to them. Accept uncomfortable reality. Get thicker skin. Take actions to protect yourself from actual dangers, rather than seek someone else's protection from imaginary ones. Grow up.