Sunday, May 29, 2016

Teeth and dentists

If anyone can help, and wants to help, with my medical bills and especially with the dental work I am needing now, please either donate or share this with people who might. It's my GoFundMe page.

Added: I get more of any contributions if they come through Paypal (PayPal.Me/Dullhawk).


When we disagree, somebody is wrong (it might be me)

If I don't agree with you, I'm going to think you are wrong. That's pretty much what not agreeing with you means.

If I thought I was wrong, I wouldn't disagree with you- not for long. I'd change my mind and then I'd agree with you.

So, yeah, obviously if we disagree I pretty much have to believe you are the one who is wrong. That's just the only way that can work.

If it matters that I think you are wrong, use reason to change my mind and get me to agree with you, or use reason to see that you were wrong and change your mind. (Here's a hint, though: not all opinions are equally valid, even if we really want to believe them).

Don't appeal to your feelings or emotion, because that may make me feel bad, but it will do nothing to make me think you are right.

Getting angry about any of this is pointless. Don't get angry, get convincing.

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