Monday, October 05, 2020

Like a law of nature, government is entropy

Government is social entropy; a sign that something is breaking. Just like physical entropy, unless you actively work to reverse it in your area, it increases.

If you don't work to maintain your car, it breaks down a lot sooner than you'd expect. Entropy increases.

If you don't work to keep your house in shape, it soon becomes unlivable and may collapse and kill you. Entropy increases.

And, when you allow the cracks in your society to go unrepaired, you end up with political government. Entropy increases.

Government is a sign that you've failed to maintain society.

I've been told for years that government is inevitable; if you abolish it, it will just come back. Yep. Just like other forms of entropy. Keeping it away-- keeping things in working order-- takes work. I expect nothing else. To expect otherwise is to deny the nature of the world.

Knowing you'll only get hungry again isn't a good reason to not eat.
Realizing you'll just get stinky again isn't justification for not bathing.
Endless attempts by damaged people to establish another political government is no excuse to ignore the sparks of statism that need to be stomped out wherever you see them smoldering. It's the responsible thing to do.


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