Saturday, July 30, 2016

Market for aggression

(I know the video is dark and back-lit, but I was going for something different, and looking at me isn't really the goal here, anyway.)

There will always be a market for theft and aggression, because people want the benefits it can gain them without taking the risk of doing the evil themselves. So, people without principles will offer to commit aggression and theft for a price to meet that "need".

Cops are one example, but not the only one.

Mafia hit men, government troops, and anyone else who commits violence- in exchange for money or favors- against someone who isn't already using violence (no matter how much you might dislike the peaceable, property respecting things they are doing) is marketing aggression.

And that can't be preemptively prohibited without crippling the rest of the market. You can't legitimately "prohibit" anything, anyway.

However, what you can do (although it isn't always wise) is defend yourself from those aggressors. You always have that right, no matter what anyone tells you.

The current cost of aggression is artificially low. Especially if you can pretend to be a "legitimate employee of government" [sic]. If the cost were raised to where it reflected the reality, fewer people would be able to afford the services of aggression peddlers, fewer aggression peddlers would remain in business, and society would be better off.

Self defense against aggressors (and thieves) is the way to raise the cost back to where it should be. At least, if self defense occurs regularly enough, some will get out of the aggression market, or choose to find an honest job, instead.

Considering that Utopia isn't an option, that's probably the best outcome possible.

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