Sunday, May 13, 2018

Government involvement not helping

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for April 11, 2018)

It's a wonderful thing when someone decides to help the community. I might even join them if their efforts align with my values.

I'm somewhat less thrilled when someone mistakes running for office, getting a government job, or passing a law for helping. A government position or job is nothing to be proud of. It's not honorable or praiseworthy. Everything is better without the threat of law or punishment, and when funded voluntarily. Worthwhile ideas don't require arm twisting.

Lampreys aren't helping the fish they latch on to, nor is government helping the society it feeds on.

At best, government is like the wrapping paper covering a gift. It may be beautiful, flashy, smooth, and neat. Or it may be ugly, greasy, or sloppily applied. In either case, the wrapping shouldn't be mistaken for the contents. The wrapping paper needs to be ripped off and discarded no matter how it looks. Then you can get to the important matters hidden below.

Often, government is like black mold growing in the heart of the community; bringing corruption and disease to everything it touches. You shouldn't protect the mold, pretending it is necessary. Nor should you bleach and kill it only to infect the area with new spores, causing the filth to return.

To really help your community, find things others can join voluntarily. Don't impose your ideas of what would be helpful through laws and taxes.

It's not charity if you have no choice, or if you are giving away other people's property. Socialism is the radical idea of sharing, at gunpoint, things which are not yours to share. Calling it democracy doesn't make it better.

When you violate others, it doesn't matter how pure your intentions are; you are doing something wrong. This is the fatal flaw behind most laws.

If you notice a problem, think of what you could do to fix it. Think of people who might be able to help, and ask them. You may be surprised at the response. Many people would like to help, but haven't noticed a need they can take action on. Convince them yours is the one they've been waiting for.

If no one will help, do what you can on your own. Or accept that your idea may not be as good as you believed.

As long as you aren't violating anyone else's right to life, liberty, or property with your good intentions, give it your best shot. If not you, who?

Thank you for helping support

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Blog poll results

That's how the blog rating poll ended up.

I do kind of wonder why those 4 on the bottom were even at my blog to v*te, because I wouldn't keep visiting a blog I didn't think was at least good, but I thank them for doing so anyway. Maybe they were just passing through and didn't know where they were.

Since this blog is mainly me working these things out for myself in my own head, and inviting you to watch, I'm grateful that anyone finds it worth their time (and that some actually find it worth supporting financially).

Obviously I have room for improvement, both personally and blog-wise. It's a never-ending process.

Thank you all.

Thank you for helping support
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How the world should be

It seems to me that people waste a lot of energy getting upset that the world isn't as they believe it should be. Especially when they are right.

I fall into that trap, too.

Violating private property and using violence against those who are neither using violence nor violating private property is wrong. It is something no one can have the right to do, no matter what they wish to believe. And most of the world spends time and effort looking for loopholes which can't exist so they can feel right about committing wrongs.

This is just how the world is. You can either find ways to work around it (without becoming one of the violators in the process) or you can get upset at how it is.

One thing I try to remind myself is that I'm only responsible for my own behavior. I am responsible for what I do, and what I support. I can try to help those around me be responsible for themselves too, but I can't make them. And, although I can try to make sure I don't add to the troubles, I am not responsible for society's direction. If everyone else is an archator, you aren't going to make much of an impact on the whole of society, but you can refuse to participate and add to the misery. It may take courage and determination, and you might suffer consequences for doing the right thing.

Yes, governing others is wrong. It is totally messed up. So I don't do it. I don't support it, contribute to it, or participate in it. I won't attack others, nor take their stuff, not even through politics. I can't make the whole world stop doing wrong, but I can try to make sure I'm not part of the problem.

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