Saturday, February 15, 2014

S.W.A.T.ted, but in a good way.

If any of you subscribe to S.W.A.T. (Survival Weapons and Tactics) Magazine, or if you have a news stand nearby which carries it, you might check out Claire Wolfe's "Enemy at the Gate" column (which isn't online) in the March 2014 issue. It's titled "We, The Rattlesnake" and at the end of the column, in the bottom left corner of page 88, you will find a photo of a rather familiar flag. Just above that, in the last paragraph, there is also mention of a particular scoundrel you may have heard of.

Thanks, Claire!


Infighting helps the bad guys

It bothers me when I see liberty advocates fighting among themselves.

It's bad enough when libertarians and "liberty-leaning" statists fight over the things they disagree about rather than coming together where they agree, but when real liberty lovers fight over different personality styles or different areas of focus it is really upsetting. And when one side is tossing liberty aside for "the greater good" (whatever they may call it), it distracts people from watching those who have declared themselves to be the true enemies of liberty (and those who seek it).  In other words, it's dangerous.

I see it happen all the time, as I'm sure you do.

Facebook seems to be the arena where those petty disagreements are publicly aired the most, but I've seen it elsewhere.

I know I have done the same, but it's stupid. I am trying to learn to shut up when one liberty lover publicly disagrees with another, and factions form behind each. It seems so very collectivist, or even statist.

And when the disagreement- which may be perfectly valid, and one side may be totally wrong- gets to the point where the sides are saying nasty things about the people on the opposing side, rather than about the wrong-headed idea- it makes me sick.

Liberty is important. The ZAP is essential. Theft is wrong. No "job" can justify any of the bad stuff, even if it might seem useful to ignore the Principles for the moment. Keep focused on the real issue. The issue isn't The State"- it's the violation of rights, and whoever violates rights, no matter their flimsy justification.

But, if you are faced with a liberty lover who for some reason seems to be advocating going soft on evil, violating principles, or otherwise throwing liberty under the bus for "pragmatic" reasons, try your very best to not attack him or her while pointing out why their idea is wrong. Give them a chance to learn by your better example. And don't give the real troublemakers something to use against liberty lovers and liberty.