Friday, June 12, 2020

Statist dishonesty

A while back I listened to a Left-Statist preaching against Religious (Christian) Nationalists.

You know I'm not a fan of religion, of nationalism, nor of Right-Statism. But I am a fan of truth, and this podcast had very little truth in it.

I've never heard such a collection of dishonest Straw Men and outright untruths in one place-- by someone who seemed otherwise intelligent and well-meaning-- in my entire life as I heard in one hour of listening to this Left-Statist author and the show's host.

Straw Men, false dichotomies, lies, mischaracterization (about both Right-Statists and Left-Statists). It was hard to listen to. It was full-on fanatical government-supremacism from beginning to end.

She (and the host) pretended that government handouts financed by theft are the same thing as charity. They pretended that democracy is laudable (as long as their side [sic] wins). They focused on how these Right-Statists get out the news of the candidates they like while utterly ignoring how the Left-Statists use the entirety of the national mainstream and alternative media (including social media) to campaign for their candidates. The only reason that's OK is that their side [sic] uses it. They lied about government indoctrination day-prisons to equate them with education.

I can't even list all the dishonesty they packed into that hour. It was vile.

But it's a good way to remind myself how these people think and the superstitions they believe and base their lives on. I couldn't do this very often though. Yet, this is why libertarians are better informed than statists-- we hear and evaluate both sides, honestly and often. They don't even hear the other side.

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